Top 10 Things I Want People To Know About My Dogs

If any of you were to meet my dogs for whatever reason, there are 10 things I want you to know about my dogs (5 things each for both Scooter and Springy).



1. She acts like she’s dying when she sees an animal, can’t get it, and wants it

This is one of my least favorite actions she does but I’m trying to fix it by training impulse control. Whenever she’s outside and sees a rabbit (rabbits are exuberant in my neighborhood) she pulls toward it and howls and crys. Luckily she’s not a huge dog (she’s only 26 pounds; last time she was weighed) but she has a very strong pull.

2. She has compulsive licking disorder

She has an obsession for licking, especially when she wants to lick and you don’t want to be licked. She’ll lick almost everything but is extremely licky when first seeing someone and in the morning.

3. She really, really hates deer carcasses

      Even though, she could be used as a hunting dog and will kill any animal (thanks high prey drive) she can get her teeth on, she really hates deer carcasses no matter how much of the animal is there. For some unknown reason, she’s okay with other animal carcasses but not deer. So whatever you do, do not force her to go near it.

4. She is scared of a lot of things

Because of me, Springy is afraid of a lot things like loud, sudden noises and weirdly enough spray bottles and coffee creamer bottles. To help her gain her confidence I’m gonna use conter-conditioning, desensitization and reward her bravest moments.

5. She doesn’t know bite inhibition

Although I should teach it to her, I won’t teach it to her. You might be thinking, that’s horrible. She could possibly injure someone. Nope, I don’t have to worry because she won’t play bite with anyone besides me. Although I should teach it to her anyway, just to be on the safe side.


1. He has a death wish, I think

He really, really loves people and will run out in front of a moving car just so he can see them which is why he has to be on a leash when being walked. He’s really good being off leash but only in a low traffic area or in the woods.

2. He gets extremely jealous when there’s a guest and he’s being ignored

He’s the extremely jealous type and definitely shows it. He really loves people so he’d rather get all the attention which is why he has to have attention. If you don’t want a 68 pound dog (he feels a lot more heavier than that) climbing on you, nudging and whining then it’s better to pet him and not have him feel he’s being ignored.

3. He’ll only play outside (most usually)

He usually only plays outside but will play in the house every once in a while but usually inside = laziness. He’ll play with almost every toy and will also play with sticks and geese feathers.

4. He’s whines nearly all the time

He’s a huge whiner and whines nearly all the time especially when he wants to be petted by visitors and he’s being ignored, bored or really needs to go outside. He’s always been a whiner, since day one.

5. He loves going to the vet

Ever met a dog who loves going to the vet? I know I haven’t until I met Scooter and took him to the vet. He doesn’t mind getting shots because he knows he gets to see people but he’s not a huge fan of car rides; he gets nervous when it starts moving.

Well those are 10 things I want people to know about my dogs. What are some of the things you would like people to know about your dogs?




  1. My dog Ray –
    1. He adopted me.
    2. He has an attitude.
    3. He is super protective.
    4. He knows all the places that give him treats.
    5. He sets the example for optimism.
    6. He is very manipulative.
    7. He is still training us after 5 years.
    8. He is so good (ref #7) that we almost believe that we are training him.
    9. He has a beautiful double coat, as does most of our home now.
    10. He knows the difference between a “high five” and fist bump”!


  2. Hey i got a idea you should post ur training of you and your dogs make a check list and check it try that ‘


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