Rehoming a Dog (or Cat) Is The Best Thing To Do Sometimes

I definitely don’t like it when pets are rehomed especially for incredibly selfish reasons but sometimes rehoming is the best option. Everybody has different tolerance levels of stress they can handle and that’s okay.

Rehoming a pet can be the best thing for both the owner and pet; sometimes the owner doesn’t click with the dog and sometimes the dog doesn’t care for the owner. If no bonding happens between the pet and owner then the owner would opt to rehome the pet which is okay. The dog should have a chance to live with someone they actually care about.

Not having enough food for you or your pet would also be a it of an understandable option. It’s not fair to the dog to have to live without sufficient enough food but in this case, it would be best to see if a friend or family could watch it for a while – at least until you can get back on your feet. But if there is no one that can watch your dog, then it would be best to rehome it.

But don’t get me wrong, I still hate it when dog owners rehome their pets especially for incredibly selfish reasons including:

  • It got too big: Well what did you expect? Do your research before getting a pet! (if it’s from a shelter than this is a little more understandable as no one knows what it could possibly be mixed in with it.)
  • It has behavioral problems: Well you’re the owner, fix it. We have a thing called the internet,  so use it. Ignorance is not an excuse! See if there are any trainers or behaviorists in your area that can help.
  • It meows too much: I have actually heard this one! A cat was returned to my local shelter where I volunteered for meowing too much. Think of it as a way to communicate to them!

There’s many more but some reasons are actually legitimately reasonably. Moving to a home that don’t allow pets would be reasonable if you had no friends or family to look after your dog but if it’s possible, have someone you know really well look after them. Having a dog that really hated other dogs or children would be reasonable if everything else fails.

I do believe some reasons are reasonable if every thing else fails but please do not rehome your dog if you can help it. I know life can turn upside down like a light switch but please consider your options first. A parent wouldn’t abandoned their child during hard times but simply look for someone to look after them for a little while and your dog should be no different.


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