The Roles Are Switched

Dogs are weird …

Many owners who own both female and male dogs can have a problem of the male dog marking over the same spot the female dog urinated since male dogs are known for marking.

Scooter and Springy on the other hand, are switched. We always joke that Scooter’s a female and Springy’s a male because of their obvious role differences. Don’t get me wrong Scooter does mark but only when he smells another male dog’s marking but that i’s the only time.

Springy is known for doing all the marking when Scooter goes and does his business. She somewhat waits patiently until he’s done to squat and mark in the same location as he did – well she actually misses the spot by more than a couple of inches.

We haven’t really bothered to do much about it as we find it hilarious but sometime I’d like to have her wait patiently and resist the urge to mark every five or so seconds.

Does anybody else’s dogs do this during walks or potty breaks?

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