5 Things I’d Like To Improve During The Summer With Both Dogs

My dogs are definitely not perfect and need individual work as I’d like to improve Scooter’s fitness and Springy’s leash reactivity but here’s a list of things I’d like to improve during the summer with both dogs.

1.) Bond/Trust

Over the years I have lost a lot of the dogs bond and trust. I believe one of the most important thing is with owning a dog is a strong bond and trust as a dog who doesn’t have either will most likely ignore you I have an okay bond with Springy who somewhat trusts me and my bond and trust with Scooter is low.

2.) Socialization

Both Springy and Scooter would benefit from this as she has a tendency to be afraid of some other people and doesn’t tend to get along with other dogs and is afraid of loud noises while Scooter mainly needs socialization with little kids and dogs and some other stuff.

3.) Confidence

Both of the dogs would benefit from this as Springy’s confidence level is between horrible and excellent which was lost due to punishment/corrections. She’s got lots of dislikes: some people, some dogs (and I don’t expect her to love everybody and I don’t want her to), loud noises, some unfimiliar noises, and some weird objects. Scooter’s confidence level is worse than Springy’s but not totally horrible as he has lots of dislikes and is nervous of almost everything but very slowly are we making progress.

4.) Training

They both need work on life-saving skills such as come, leave it, drop it (this is gonna be fun to teach Scooter [sarcasm]) and stay in high distracting environments which we’ll slowly work toward. I’d also like to work on advanced skills such as sitting or laying on command at a distance. I can get the dogs to do this but only a few feet away which is nothing too good but hopefully with practice it will improve.

5.) Impulse control

This falls under training but it’s so huge that I needed to make a heading for it! Springy is very, very, very (add a few more very’s) impulsive. She tries to run after anything that moves including rabbits, cars (sometimes), people running, dogs running, birds and many others excluding leaves (surprisingly). She door dashes if and when she doesn’t get a walk, if she thinks she can get away with it, and if I’m taking Scooter for a walk without her. Scooter’s pretty good about controlling some of his impulses but if there’s food in his reach he will grab it, just maybe not right away. If people are walking down the street he has to go greet them (if he didn’t have a leash on). Yeah … they both would benefit from this.

Do any of you have a list of things you’d like to improve with your dog(s)?


  1. It’s not so much different from raising children. Positive reinforcement training which includes setting them up for success. Once they grasp the fact that good things happen under certain circumstances, they will happily ensure they react the same way under the same circumstances. Where it gets complicated is when an owner believes that dog training is simply intuitive (and therefore professionals are vastly over priced), and where they do not understand their dog’s perspective and mental ability such that they inadvertently reward the wrong behavior. You sound like a competent dog owner, so proceed as you feel necessary … but do not hesitate to ask for advice from professionals if things aren’t working out quite as expected. So many people blame the dog when training does not proceed as planned. I would suggest that it is always the owner at fault. They simply are not understanding how their dog “works”! All the best. They are excellent goals.


    • Sorry for the late reply … I definitely agree that dogs are a lot like children, professionals are over priced and the owner is (most usually) at fault. Thanks for the feedback!


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