Hello, welcome to Perfect Pawtners!

I’m Jenaya, the blogger behind Perfect Pawtners, and I own two mixed breeds named Scooter and Springy who I adore with all my heart. My life began with dogs in 2015 after we adopted Scooter in January and Springy in July.

I’m an amatuer dog owner but have learned lots of things while owning my dogs and am still learning new things nearly everyday. I also love dogs (actually I love animals in general) thus, creating this blog in September of 2017 to give my family peace of mind from my seemingly endless blabbing about dogs.

I advocate positive reinforcement training and don’t like, believe in or endorse the use of shock collars, prong collars and/or choke chains but do know/understand some dogs do better with these and have had little to know success with positive reinforcement training.

I also know a little bit about balanced training — training that incorporates both rewards and corrections. Although, I do not feel as though it is the best method that values the dogs interests and feelings, I DO NOT think it is totally abusive. I also do not agree with dominance based training.

My blog includes:

  • my dogs (obviously)
  • reviews
  • tips (training, swimming, ect.)
  • information on sensitive and fearful dogs
  • opinions
  • DIY’s
  • Health

My Story:

Aside from the fact that I wanted to share my experiences (and my dogs) and provide peace to my family I also was inspired to create it after discovering a blog that still remains my favorite. I also want to hopefully help others who own a reactive, sensitive and/or fearful dog (or dogs) as Springy is reactive and fearful while Scooter is sensitive and fearful.

Originally, the name was going to be “Pawtners-In-Crime” but before creating this blog, I changed the name to “Perfect Pawtners”. I want to help others rekindle their bond and trust with their dogs and help others (hopefully) create their perfect pawtner(s).