(Will be updated every so often)

I train my dogs (or try not to) without any aversives or traditional training methods. I mostly stick to positive reinforcement, negative punishment, and sometimes positive punishment (unintentionally).

I believe in building a relationship based on fun and respect (some trainers will have you know that using punishments/ corrections in dog training will have your dogs respect but I don’t buy that).

My Preferred Training Method:

  • Clicker training
  • Positive reinforcement – a.k.a force free, science based, modern training, and “purely positive”.



Make sure when trying to rehabilitate an aggressive or leash reactive dog to stay below threshold.


The Engage-Disengage game, a great game for leash reactive dogs. I’ve started working on it a while back and while we’re not on level 2 yet, it has helped tremendously.


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